Unfortunately, not all applicants are totally honest about their personal information. Our Verification Service, which includes checking employment histories, educational degrees, and professional licenses, can help employers ensure that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds you require for an open position.

Establishing whether an employee has a criminal record is crucial when assessing the risk of bringing that person into your organization. While not every crime automatically prevents an applicant from being hired, having that knowledge allows you to make an educated decision.

You can use the results of a criminal background check to then assess the relevance of the record to the position’s level of responsibility, exposure to assets or customers, and other company requirements.

Having this knowledge, will create a safer and more secure work environment. Criminal record checks can also produce other important benefits, such as:

- Identifying potentially risky hires
- Protecting your organization’s reputation
- Protecting your organization's assets and finances

Crown Screening can create a background check process that is beneficial for your company. We offer:

- Identity Verifications

​- Criminal Record Checks

​- Driving Records

- Verification and Credentialing