NON-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

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Our clients have access to our network of collection sites and negotiated services with transparent pricing from 10,000+ collection sites Nationwide, in Canada and select international locations. Expand your offerings with electronic fulfillment solutions that reduce costs, time and hassle.

​Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations are constantly changing. You need access to expert resources that not only keep pace with change but anticipate change with evolving features and tools that make managing risk related to workplace health and safety easier.

Our MRO doctors have on average more than 15 years of experience delivering adjudication, forensic documentation, expert witness, and policy and process compliance services.

 As you face new mandates or expanded panel requirements, you can rest assured our team is at work updating testing panels and procedures in support of new requirements before you need it, helping to make you audit-ready as changes occur.

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​Crown Screening offers both instant testing and lab based testing through SAMHSA certified labs. Although urine is the specimen most often tested, we also offer hair and oral fluid. We offer alcohol testing using DOT certified breath alcohol analyzers. Alcohol can also be tested using oral fluids or urine. 

Negative drug test results are typically available within 24 hours, while positives may take up to 72 hours.  For quicker result reporting we can offer instant testing for both urine and oral fluids. Negatives produced using instant testing are reported immediately.

Crown Screening can assist you with building a test panel that is right for your company. We offer cloud based test ordering and result reporting.